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The Management Consulting function is performed by professionals outside the organization, this aims to address management of the development of core competencies for the company and also the prevention or solution of problems related to strategic, managerial and operational aspects.
The intervention methodology aims to combine standardized models with specific characteristics of the organization: there are no ready-made solutions; every company needs a solution which is tailored to fit their specific requirements!

Project Stages:
1. Analysis:
Research data relevant to understanding the client's needs, defining and discussing project target objectives and client's project management team.
2. Planning:
Design a solution for the client and adapt it to suit their needs.
3. Implementation:
Delivery of the solution on the based on the rules already predefined in the project plan.
4. Monitoring:
Constant process control, collection of data and giving feedback to the client.
5. Evaluation:
Verification and control of delivered stages and final results.
6. Follow up:
Implementation of actions that will strengthen individual and organizational learning. The company have a team of permanent, experienced and professional project managers and if necessary we can provide on-site staff to work with our clients.